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COVID 19 Response

In response to the coronavirus crisis, my office has converted to Telehealth appointments.

All appointments will either be by phone, FaceTime, or Zoom.

  • The phone appointments are my phone number: 319-631-0824.
  • For FaceTime appointments (Apple phones, iPad, or computers), you will need my phone number and the FaceTime app.
  • For Zoom appointments, I will send you a Zoom meeting invitation. You can access this on your computer (with a quick download) or on the Zoom app on your phone. 

For nutrition appointments I will have your file for reference and documentation.

Energy sessions/Reiki appointments will be done remotely just as I have before. Several clients have already had remote appointments. Reiki practitioners are trained not only to do in person sessions but also remotely. For more information about the benefits of Reiki click here.

All Telehealth appointment payments will be made at the time of the appointment by credit or debit card. Card information will be given over the phone. Call me for an appointment (319-631-0824) or send me an email.