10 Tips to Avoid Overeating This Thanksgiving

Woman eating pieThanksgiving. If you’re like me, you overeat and suffer later while somehow still enjoying the holiday. I hope you’ll join me as I follow these 10 tips to avoid overeating this Thanksgiving:

  1. Plan your strategy. Don’t decide what to eat when you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal. Instead make a plan now.
  2. Eat before you eat. Don’t skip meals all day in anticipation of your big Thanksgiving meal. If you do, you’ll show up ravished and set the stage for overeating.
  3. Pause before you begin. Whether you spend a few seconds in silent prayer or just hit the pause button before you reach for the mashed potatoes, offer gratitude for this abundance of food and time with family and/or friends.
  4. Start with protein. Consuming protein, such as turkey or a veggie patty with black beans, first will help you feel fuller, sooner so you’re less likely to overeat.
  5. Serve yourself. Yes, your mom might insist you eat up, but by serving yourself, you’re in control of your portion sizes. Take a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
  6. Slow down. Studies show it takes 20 minutes before your brain gets the message from your stomach that it’s full. By setting your fork down between bites, you’ll eat more slowly and thus trigger your brain that you’re full—sooner. The end result: You’ll eat less.
  7. Be thankful. Throughout the meal, take time to honor and enjoy your food. Be present with it instead of shoveling it in. Enjoy each bite.
  8. Go easy on the booze. Not only does alcohol add more calories to your meal, research shows that drinking it can make your brain think it’s hungry. Limit your alcohol intake.
  9. Pack leftovers. Instead of eating Aunt Sally’s pumpkin pie when you’re already full, ask to take a slice home.
  10. Take a hike. Literally. Plan a hike or other activity for after the meal. Even just a walk around the block will help your digestion and help you burn a few calories.
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