2 Tips to Start a Healthier Lifestyle in 2019

Happy New Year!

Are you starting 2019 off with a list of resolutions? I hope not. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, which, let’s face it, the majority of us don’t keep, why not simply resolve to start on a path to a healthier lifestyle, period?

I know. Easier said than done. But it is possible—if you implement just one or two changes at a time.

Here are two tips to help you start, and stay, on a healthy path in 2019:

TIP 1:  Unearth the root cause of what’s keeping you from optimal health. Where are you stuck physically, emotionally or mentally? Getting to that root cause (or causes) can make all the difference between feeling better—or worse—in 2019.

I Can Help

Do you have blocks? Repeat old behavior patterns? Do you have a chronic illness that interferes with your healing? If so, consider a Medical Intuition Body Scan. During these sessions, I combine my intuitive skills with my Medical Intuition training to help you find the root cause of the stuck areas in your body. These appointments are done remotely—meaning I can work with you no matter where you are in the world—and results are shared over the phone or email.

To learn more about what to expect, please visit my Medical Intuition web page or read my blog about one client’s experience. I’m also happy to answer your questions via phone or email (terri@yourhealinginsights.com or 319-631-0824).

January Sale

medical-intuitive-body-scan_240x238From January 2-22, I will be offering a 15% discount for full body scans (reg. $195; sale $166) and a 20% discount for mini body scans (reg. $60; sale $48).

To schedule, please email me at terri@yourhealinginsights.com or call me at 319-631-0824.

TIP 2: Make a lifestyle change for you. Trust your intuition about what eating plan is best for you; what nutritional support you need; what exercise plan is ideal for you. People are well intentioned and often share what works best for them. Listen. Thank them. Then choose what feeds your soul.

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