A Simple, PORTABLE Way to Reduce Sinus Congestion

sinus congestion
Hay fever season is here. Unfortunately hay fever season presents many allergic problems for people. Sinus inflammation, sinus infections with headaches, stuffy noses, and post-nasal drip are common symptoms.

Many people attempt to control symptoms with proper supplementation and the use of Neti pot sinus saline rinses. The Neti Pot is not practical for people on the go, and for others it is simply not enough of a solution.

Here is a better, portable method to reduce sinus allergic responses to environmental toxins from my friend, Joe, at Metabolic ManagementÂ…

5 Steps to making your own natural, portable sinus rinse:

1) Take one spray bottle used for nasal sprays, such as the Afrin bottle. Empty the contents and rinse the bottle.

2) Add about 6 drops of glycerin to the empty bottle. You can procure the glycerin from your local pharmacy.

3) Add 6 droppers full of liquid iodine forte (find this Biotics Research / Metabolic Management product at the online store on my website), and then fill the bottle with distilled water. The iodine used in a spray like this thins the secretions, preventing congestion and swelling.

4) Shake vigorously to mix, and then spray as needed. The glycerin helps the iodine to stick to the sides of your nasal passages. This gives the iodine more contact with the areas which breed infection, and it provides more relief.

5) Use as needed anywhere! This is great for travel.

*Note: Liquid Iodine Forte is NOT the iodine you can purchase at a pharmacy

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