“Action expresses priorities.” -Ghandi

Ghandi wallking
Actions speak louder than words. This is very true. The actions you take in your daily life express who you are.

How do your actions express your beliefs and goals for your health? Do you make your health a priority? Only you can answer this question, and as you become more aware of your actions, you will realize they can tell you a lot.

It is easy to think or believe one thing, but act another if we are not constantly self-aware. Without the awareness, we may get enticed into taking action on something we don’t believe. Actions attract more similar actions, and quickly our beliefs and actions can be misaligned.

Here are a couple examples of ways in which our actions and beliefs or intentions do not align:

  • You intend to eat healthily and lose weight, however you eat dessert after a meal.
  • You intend to release all judgment of others, but then a co-worker begins to gossip about another co-worker and you join in without thinking.

Let your actions be in alliance with your beliefs and intentions. When you set an intention, it is necessary for you to act in congruence with the intention in order for you to manifest your desires. Be aware of how your actions support or negate your intentions and beliefs. With this awareness, you will have better results and you will feel better at the end of the day!

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