April Showers Bring May Flowers

We have had plenty of showers this past month so bring on the flowers! Besides flowers, the month of May reminds me about the founder of Nursing and holistic nursing, Florence Nightingale. She was truly the first Holistic Nurse. Myself and nurses around the globe honor Florence on her birthday every May 12th. Florence’s diary writings were so ahead of the times when she served in the Crimea War. I have found them interesting reading!

Women never have a half-hour in all their lives (excepting before or after anybody is up in the house) that they can call their own, without fear of offending or of hurting someone. Why do people sit up so late, or, more rarely, get up so early? Not because the day is not long enough, but because they have no time in the day to themselves.
― Florence Nightingale, 1852

I ask you to take note of this, the importance of stillness. Take time for yourself and encourage your family to meditate, or journal. It is so important for health. Please watch this two and a half minute YouTube video, to gain a simple perspective about moving forward in stillness.

Spring Allergies have taken off with a bang for many people this year. I offer several choices of treatment to manage the symptoms until the spring pollen is gone. No suffering necessary! Let me know how I can help you, your family members or friends.

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