Assessment of Your Environmental Exposure

Since we live in a dynamic environment and there is chemical exposure on a regular basis, it is up to us to make lifestyle choices that will help our bodies stay healthy and as chemical-free as possible.

Healthy food choices can help support every cell of the body to work at optimal levels. Every time you eat, you have the chance to treat your body well or to poison it. The choice is yours! By choosing high quality organic fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, you can reduce cell damage, oxidative stress, and abnormal cell growth.

Take time to review your entire lifestyle and begin simple changes to improve your health:

  • Your Mind: Is it often flooded with negative thoughts or unhappiness?
  • Your Body: How does it feel? Excited and full of energy for the day?
  • Your Spirit: Are you living your passion and heart’s desire?
  • Your Toxicity: What is in your home, office, car, and yard?
  • Your Exercise: Do you do aerobic exercise 3-4 times a week?
  • Your Nutrition: What types of nutrients are you putting in your body? Are you eating live food or dead food?
  • Your Sleep: Do you get 8 restful hours each night?

The best way to stay out of our “sick care system” is to STAY WELL. Call for an appointment to assess your environmental exposure and lifestyle to increase your wellness.

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