Boost Your Immune System Part I: 4 Steps to a Strong Immune System

With the changing colors of the trees and the new chill in the air, we find ourselves in the heart of autumn with winter to follow soon. The weather changes we are experiencing are often accompanied by increased occurrences of colds and flu viruses. This time of year is a great opportunity for us to examine ways to avoid catching these viruses.

I suggest 4 approaches to keep your immune system strong and healthy. The practice of these approaches is simple, and it will provide the best protection against colds and flu.

. Restore your body’s natural acid-alkaline balance. You can do this by adding fresh lemon juice to water, teas, or salad dressings. By doing this, you are able to maintain a healthy pH balance that supports healthy bacteria in your body and reduces the acidic environment where viruses are able to grow. If the lemon juice is not appetizing, the Biotics Organic “NitroGreens” offers acid/alkaline balance along with other vitamins and minerals. The easy, once-a-day dose is 1-3 teaspoons per day mixed in water or juice.

2. Eat fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. These are loaded with vitamin C and vitamin A, which protect and boost the cells of your immune system. Your optimum choices are darkly colored produce, such as leafy greens, orange and yellow colored vegetables, and an assortment of berries.

. Increase the frequency and length of time hand washing. Use warm, quality soapy water to clean your hands after shopping, using public transportation, and always before eating. Remind your family to keep hands and fingers away from their mouths and noses. For instance, it is easy to rest your head on your hand while watching television. Being mindful of hand hygiene is essential to immune protection.

4. The final – and most important – approach to practice is the elimination of sugar from your food plan. This is something you should begin immediately. Many studies have shown that sugar intake suppresses the immune system. I enjoy eating many fresh fruits, and I think you will find this is a very satisfying source of sweetness.

Where is the sugar in your day-to-day food intake? Read next week’s entry to learn more.

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