Feeling Anxious? Try These 8 Tips

No matter your politics, we’re all feeling a bit anxious these days. With the unrest here at in the U.S. and abroad, it can be challenging to not feel anxious. That’s especially true if you’re dealing with clinical anxiety. For people suffering from anxiety, worry, fear and terror can become a pattern of thought that…read more.

Three Reasons to Pay It Where?

As we begin November, our focus shifts from the beautiful fall leaves to the holidays. The holidays have easily become “Tis the Season of More Stress”. But you can change that by shifting your focus to someone else. Do something for someone who has less or may need a perk in their day. Make someone…read more.

Be Your Own Advocate: A Cautionary Tale of Abbott Labs

pills and prescription bottle
Last month I recommended the book, The Four Agreements (see May 21, 2012 blog entry). The first of the 4 agreements that author Ruiz discusses is to “Be impeccable with your word.” Ruiz says this is the most important, but also the most difficult to maintain. This agreement should not only be for our personal lives, but for everyone and every company in existence today. It should even apply to Abbott Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company…

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Gel Manicure Dangers!

Here is a very important follow up to last month’s entry on nails! Although I have no intention of ever using gel nails, a local aesthetician called to my attention the problems associated with these artificial nails. She knows I am very conscientious about what chemicals people choose to expose themselves to, and I am happy to pass on the information to you…

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Placebos and Drug Effectiveness

I do not take the benefits of holistic and alternative medicine for granted. New research is consistently showing the importance of this field to our health. If people choose not to include some therapies of Integrative Medicine (or CAM as it is often referred), they are missing so many opportunities to help them feel good, reduce stress, and find happiness…

Breaking News: Should We Believe the Hype?

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You might have heard an alarming news report last month: “Dietary Supplements and Mortality Rate in Older Women,” a study published in the American Medical Association’s Archives of Internal Medicine, concluded that multivitamins and some dietary supplements may have an adverse effect on life expectancy in older women…

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The Initiatives of Other Countries

map of Europe
Since 1976, the EPA has issued regulations on 5 chemicals that were determined to present unreasonable risk. These 5 chemicals are out of 80,000 known chemicals! Our regulations are far behind other countries’…

Fish Oil for a Healthy Baby

unborn baby
It is our responsibility to provide a healthy environment for our children, and this begins before birth. A pregnant woman is the first environment of her child…

Spring Cleaning: Wash Your Hands of BPA!

grocery receipt
I am often asked, “Where could I be exposed to environmental chemicals? I eat a very clean diet.” The truth is that we are all exposed to environmental toxins on a daily basis…