How to Heal through Resiliency

What is resiliency and how does it contribute to health and well being? Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress…family, relationships, health problems, etc. Bouncing back from difficult experiences. American Psychological Association, Just like the resilient dandelion flower which keeps growing…read more.

Can stress be genetically inherited?

I am amazed at the amount of consumer social media that is dedicated to just nutrition. Most of this information makes recommendations to make us healthy, stay young (anti-aging), boost energy, etc. None of this will happen with a few certain foods, like more avocados, kale, greens, and juicing, like they recommend. These are all…read more.

Good Research

It is interesting how much the field of medicine is researching and publishing about nutrition and supplement solutions for healthcare. Often it is necessary to see who is funding the research and how that may be contributing to the outcomes. Here are very good some examples of research well done: New Research Supports Fish Oil…read more.

The Advantages of Butter

knife with butter
The truth is that eating butter is good for you. Here are 10 benefits of eating fresh creamery butter:

1) Butter is the most easily absorbable source of Vitamin A, which supports the thyroid and adrenal glands, and in turn, the cardiovascular system…

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Children’s Nutrition: After-School Snacks

young girl with two apples
The importance of snacks should not be underestimated. Snacks provide nutritious fuel for after-school activities kids are involved in. Nutritious snacks not only provide extra energy for kids’ high-energy needs, but they also help to maintain blood sugar levels. Healthy snackers make for more energetic and less grumpy kids…

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Children’s Nutrition: Nutritious Breakfasts & Lunches

young boy eating cereal
Back to school time is just around the corner! It is an exciting transition for children and families, and there are many changes and adjustments that will occur in our daily lives. We must remember that in order for children to grow up strong and healthy, and in order for children to fulfill their potential in a school environment, they must have proper nutrition…

Toxic Exposure: Sight Unseen

chemicals in lab bottles
The environmental toxins that are absorbed into our bodies are not processed and eliminated easily from the body. Many times, these toxins can be the underlying cause of repeated symptoms and the level of severity of health problems…

Fish Oil for a Healthy Baby

unborn baby
It is our responsibility to provide a healthy environment for our children, and this begins before birth. A pregnant woman is the first environment of her child…