Lavender for depression and anxiety?

The largest clinical trial on oral Lavender gel caps and generalized anxiety ever conducted concluded: Lavender caps 80 mg had a better efficacy (power to produce a desired effect) than a placebo or Paxil (an anxiety drug). Lavender does not inhibit Serotonin reuptake. Lavender also had better effects on depression scores than placebo or Paxil.…read more.

The #1 Key to Eliminating Pain and Inflammation

The symptom of pain can often be associated with inflammation in a certain organ or system of the body. By inflammation, I mean an area of the body, not always on the surface, that is swollen, painful, and can be reddened or warm to touch. Inflammation can be a back ache, sore knee, sinus symptoms,…read more.

Four Tips About Our Winter Weather And Being Your Own Valentine

Everyone would agree, the winter weather has been a challenge and is taking its toll on our nervous systems. Besides the challenges of the cold, wind and trying not to be home bound too long; there have been significant swings in the barometric pressure. Barometric Pressure is air pressure, pounds per square inch. When the…read more.

Soak Up the Sunshine

Daylight savings time has arrived! I celebrate this time of year when we can welcome more sunlight into our lives. Unfortunately the grey days & snow-covered ground don’t exactly make it feel like spring yet. It is undoubtedly on the way, though. I encourage you to let the benefits of sunlight – especially on our sunny days – work for you…

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6 Essential Lifestyle Changes to Boost Your Mood

winter scene
With the switch from daylight savings time to standard time, it always takes me several days to adjust my sleep, eating, and mood. The change causes me to miss the daylight, and I realize that the shorter daylight time means we are on our way into the darkest time of the year. In just a few days, my entire psyche adjusts to the change. Some others do not adjust so quickly, and this may contribute to the winter blues…

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Willingness to Change

road sign
There is nothing certain in life except change. Sometimes the uncertainty can feel overwhelming. If we look at the clues life brings us, we can successfully adjust to changes before we hit rock bottom…

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Nutrition & Depression

skeleton and brain
With nutritional deficiencies, we can experience mood changes and depression. Don’t be treated for depression without having your nutritional status evaluated…

Heal Your Entire Self

man with head in hands
Depression is a common complaint among many of my patients. Depression has many forms and many symptoms, and it is often difficult to recognize in oneself…

Too Many Cloudy, Grey Days…

partly cloudy sky
… for us to get the required amount of invaluable sunlight.
Sunlight is essential to the human body. The light helps to regulate the body’s internal clock, and it also makes fat-soluble Vitamin D. We need to be cautious of exposure to sunlight, though, because it can be damaging to our bodies…