The #1 Key to Eliminating Pain and Inflammation

The symptom of pain can often be associated with inflammation in a certain organ or system of the body. By inflammation, I mean an area of the body, not always on the surface, that is swollen, painful, and can be reddened or warm to touch. Inflammation can be a back ache, sore knee, sinus symptoms,…read more.

Happy Holidays!

It feels like the month of December is going to fly by, just as this past year has gone so quickly. Before we know it we will be welcoming the new 2014 and letting go of the old 2013. Have you considered starting off the New Year with a liver cleanse, clearing the holiday cravings,…read more.

Expand your self care now to reduce stress through the holidays

Begin Self Care with this Free offer for you Clients come to my office for a large variety of health concerns. One problem almost everything points to, besides stress, is inflammation. This inflammation can be felt as symptoms of headache, joint or muscle pain, G.E.R.D., heartburn, other gastrointestinal upsets, etc. You can try this new…read more.

Toxic Exposure: Sight Unseen

chemicals in lab bottles
The environmental toxins that are absorbed into our bodies are not processed and eliminated easily from the body. Many times, these toxins can be the underlying cause of repeated symptoms and the level of severity of health problems…

Spring Cleaning: Wash Your Hands of BPA!

grocery receipt
I am often asked, “Where could I be exposed to environmental chemicals? I eat a very clean diet.” The truth is that we are all exposed to environmental toxins on a daily basis…