Urinary Tract Infections and Prevention

components of the urinary system
A urinary Tract Infection, often called UTI or Cystitis, is an inflammation of part of the urinary tract system, most often the bladder lining. UTI’s are more common in women compared to men, due to their anatomical structure. Older women, in particular, have less estrogen, which contributes to the condition. Generally, there is some tissue weakness or lack of resistance to stress in the urinary tract. In most cases, E. Coli and/or Candida bacteria is involved…

Why is there an increase in Gluten Intolerance?

loaf of breadstomach pain
Wheat – or Gluten – allergy/intolerance is an immunological response to many different proteins found in wheat and grains. Our body’s physical response to gluten can be gastrointestinal, and it can also be similar to hay fever, causing asthma-like respiratory symptoms, hives, rashes, cough, runny nose, itchy eyes or migraines…

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Benefits of Blueberries: Learn More!

molecular nitric oxide
Organic blueberries are beneficial to us in many, varied ways. They are packed full of antioxidants, particularly anthocyanin, which make them a nutrient dense food. They have a higher antioxidant concentration than any other fruit…

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The Advantages of Butter

knife with butter
The truth is that eating butter is good for you. Here are 10 benefits of eating fresh creamery butter:

1) Butter is the most easily absorbable source of Vitamin A, which supports the thyroid and adrenal glands, and in turn, the cardiovascular system…

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The Truth About Butter

dairy cow
Butter has had a bad reputation for many years. Beginning in the twentieth century, butter was labeled as bad for your health, and margarine became the popular substitute. We now know that margarine is a trans fat, which has many detrimental health effects. Recently, olive oil and canola oil have favored over butter. However, there are many reasons why we should keep butter in our diets…

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The Danger of Water Bottles

water container
Now is the time of year when the temperatures rise outside, and we need to drink more fluids to stay hydrated. It is important to take water with you when you exercise or take part in outdoor activities this summer, but you also need to beware of the dangers plastic water bottles pose…

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