5 Tips to Achieve Permanent Change

It’s February – Heart Month. Where are you with those New Year’s resolutions? If you’re like many people, you haven’t followed through – or maybe you’ve forgotten them altogether. I can relate. I’ve done that many times over the years. But this year, I decided to shift my approach. Instead of choosing “more” – more…read more.

4 Ways You Can Benefit From Holistic Nursing

4 Ways You Can Benefit From Holistic Nursing In early August, I received notification of my recertification as a board-certified holistic nurse from the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA). I share this with you not only because I’m proud of this achievement, but to explain why this designation is important to me—and how you might…read more.

How to Stay Centered During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us. Right around the corner are parties, gift exchanges and family gatherings. While these can be wonderful, they can also be stressful. So how best to cope? Meditation. For about two months, I had been rushing into my day. The minute I opened my eyes, my mind focused on my…read more.

Medical Intuition: Your Path to True Healing

For 17 years I worked as a Registered Nurse in hospital settings. I left traditional nursing because I kept seeing the same people coming in for the same problems. They never seemed to get any better. I knew there had to be more that could be done to help them. I just didn’t know what,…read more.

Your Body: Post-operative

This has been a year of my healing focusing on my eyes. I recently had bilateral cataract surgery with great success. I am grateful to each person from start to finish for the assistance through this process. I am especially grateful to Maggie Mowery, my day of surgery escort and Ellen Remley Wetzel, Karuna Reiki…read more.

Where does self-care go when we are too busy?

I have moved into my new Coralville office with the help of several friends and of course my never tiring husband. The entire process took more energy and time than expected. I could easily become overwhelmed at times trying to make so many decisions. I am very grateful for those who helped me organize and…read more.

One Great Way to Cope With Stress

Stress? Many people don’t even realize how stressed and up tight they are. Reiki is the best way to manage stress. Monthly, I receive Reiki treatments. Reiki shifts my symptoms of stress and provides another way to cope with a busy lifestyle. Reiki clears the cluttered mind, reduces pulse and blood pressure, relaxes the muscles,…read more.

Utilizing Your Heart Field

heart field
Look at yourself as a whole person – body, mind, emotions, and spirit (the essence of who you are). This is who you are as a whole person. Your energy field is integrated with all of these elements of yourself, and it supports all functions of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. The health of all of these – your energy field, your body, your mind, your emotions, and your spiritual self – gives you the stability, the energy, the emotional expressions, and full function to live in your world successfully…

Chronic Pain: A Study in Michigan

back pain
Recently when I was working out at the gym, I saw the back of a t-shirt that read, “Results Never Lie.” It made me think of the results I have heard discussed by my patients repeatedly in my practice for 22 years. Reiki shows real results for managing chronic pain…

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Change Your Space and Lighten Up!

alaska essences
Recently a client shared with me a concern about her fatigue. She said, “I did not used to feel this way.” She expressed that she would get so tired at work that she would think something was wrong with her work place. As soon as she would leave work, she was no longer fatigued…

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