Revisit your best for 2016, make this your unsurpassed year!

As I embark on another new year, I am excited about opportunities providing new experiences in integrative health care. It is a wild world and certainly a year of change for everyone and everything. For me to embark on the New Year, I must cleanse/detox unhealthy habits, especially the food cravings left over from the…read more.

Where there is smoke…there is fire.

Do you wonder or get frustrated having repeated symptoms of dis-ease without feeling better? Do you eat well, exercise and still have fatigue, headaches, insomnia, increasing problems with allergies or other symptoms? Your symptoms are the smoke. The fire is the toxins in your body built up from processed foods, air quality, stress, alcohol, and…read more.

Can stress be genetically inherited?

I am amazed at the amount of consumer social media that is dedicated to just nutrition. Most of this information makes recommendations to make us healthy, stay young (anti-aging), boost energy, etc. None of this will happen with a few certain foods, like more avocados, kale, greens, and juicing, like they recommend. These are all…read more.

Evaluating Skin Care Products

Here is how to evaluate the cleanliness and quality of your skin care products:  Visit This website is very thorough in offering knowledge about chemicals in our skin products, cleaning products, foods and more. Looking for a non-chemical based skin care product that truly cares for your skin? I have been using a pure,…read more.

Soon it will be 2015. It is hard to believe.

We know that over the past year toxins have accumulated in our body. The toxins come from the foods we eat and environmental exposure. Read more here: Environmental Medicine Part 1: Can Your Environment Make You Sick? These toxins contribute to not feeling well, cravings, low energy, foggy headed, aches and pains and many other…read more.

The #1 Key to Eliminating Pain and Inflammation

The symptom of pain can often be associated with inflammation in a certain organ or system of the body. By inflammation, I mean an area of the body, not always on the surface, that is swollen, painful, and can be reddened or warm to touch. Inflammation can be a back ache, sore knee, sinus symptoms,…read more.

Happy Holidays!

It feels like the month of December is going to fly by, just as this past year has gone so quickly. Before we know it we will be welcoming the new 2014 and letting go of the old 2013. Have you considered starting off the New Year with a liver cleanse, clearing the holiday cravings,…read more.

Change Your Space and Lighten Up!

alaska essences
Recently a client shared with me a concern about her fatigue. She said, “I did not used to feel this way.” She expressed that she would get so tired at work that she would think something was wrong with her work place. As soon as she would leave work, she was no longer fatigued…

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The Danger of Water Bottles

water container
Now is the time of year when the temperatures rise outside, and we need to drink more fluids to stay hydrated. It is important to take water with you when you exercise or take part in outdoor activities this summer, but you also need to beware of the dangers plastic water bottles pose…

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Gel Manicure Dangers!

Here is a very important follow up to last month’s entry on nails! Although I have no intention of ever using gel nails, a local aesthetician called to my attention the problems associated with these artificial nails. She knows I am very conscientious about what chemicals people choose to expose themselves to, and I am happy to pass on the information to you…

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