4 Tips for a Happy (Gluten-free) Thanksgiving

If gluten isn’t on your Thanksgiving menu, don’t worry. It really is possible to have a delicious dinner that’s entirely gluten-free. Yes, even the pies. As someone who gave up gluten after experiencing migraine headaches 20 years ago (and who has had a rare migraine since), I have hosted many delicious gluten-free Thanksgiving dinners. But…read more.

10 Choices for Eating Your Way Past Post-Holiday Aches and Pains

Are you starting off the New Year feeling sluggish, stiff and even in pain? Unfortunately, all that overindulging we’re prone to do over the holidays can do more than just impact our waistlines. Here’s why: During the holiday season, we’re more likely to eat more carbs and more sugar, consume more calories, drink less water,…read more.

Read Your Labels Day

It is nice to sense the glories of spring with flowers starting to bloom, plenty of sun and being able to get outdoors. Besides all of the obvious signs of spring, I would like to call your attention to April 11th. This is a day for anyone who eats. Saturday, April 11th is a day…read more.

Thinking about health? What about your brain?

I recently read a very interesting book that I recommend you read. The book is, “Grain Brain,” by Dr. David Perlmutter, MD, neurologist. Have you tried to stop eating gluten? Yes, I mean completely. The conclusive research about brain health (or unhealth) specifically supports the damage to the brain from carbohydrates and grains, especially gluten,…read more.

Why is there an increase in Gluten Intolerance?

loaf of breadstomach pain
Wheat – or Gluten – allergy/intolerance is an immunological response to many different proteins found in wheat and grains. Our body’s physical response to gluten can be gastrointestinal, and it can also be similar to hay fever, causing asthma-like respiratory symptoms, hives, rashes, cough, runny nose, itchy eyes or migraines…

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