With the onset of the month of September, I am celebrating 25 years loving my career as a Holistic Nurse in private practice. Each day has been fun, energizing and full of learning about healing and being well. I am grateful for this wonderful path and thankful forĀ all of those I have come in contact…read more.

Where does self-care go when we are too busy?

I have moved into my new Coralville office with the help of several friends and of course my never tiring husband. The entire process took more energy and time than expected. I could easily become overwhelmed at times trying to make so many decisions. I am very grateful for those who helped me organize and…read more.

Announcing a New Office Location

I have been in my home office for 7 years, which began after the flood in Coralville in 2008. I am now making a change. I am happy to announce a new office location in Coralville, just one-half block immediately west of the Coralville New Pioneer Coop. I will officially start seeing clients at this…read more.

Patience and Healing

In the beginning of March I had my first surgery ever, a partial knee replacement. The experience in the hospital was excellent, considering I practice a holistic approach to healing, not healing pieces and parts. Once home, my husband helped me follow all the instructions. I went to Physical Therapy, did the exercises 3-4 times…read more.

Read Your Labels Day

It is nice to sense the glories of spring with flowers starting to bloom, plenty of sun and being able to get outdoors. Besides all of the obvious signs of spring, I would like to call your attention to April 11th. This is a day for anyone who eats. Saturday, April 11th is a day…read more.

CoreRestore Surprises

I was surprised to hear… …the follow up reports to our January program. Since January, The Liver Detox/Cleanse Group have reported so many positive changes to their health after completing the detox. Many found it much easier than they thought it would be. One person specifically had this to say: The CoreRestore seven-day liver detox…read more.

Tips for Healthy Skin

The Skin is the largest organ in the body and reflects our liver and gut health. That is why a liver cleanse can be so beneficial to the skin and other organs. Many skin conditions can be treated simply and easily. Here are some ideas: Dry skin? Apply your body lotion, hand lotion while your…read more.

A Step in the Right Direction: Integrative Health Care

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine proposed and accepted a name change. December found the agency with the new name of National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) with a focus on integrative health practices bringing together complementary and conventional therapies.

One Great Way to Actually Feel the Joy of the Holidays

Well, as I am writing this our Iowa winter sure has arrived in full white beauty and chill. This is the time of year we not only with winter upon us but more gray short days. I find these days a challenge since I feel better with more sunlight. This only adds to the stress…read more.

Lavender for depression and anxiety?

The largest clinical trial on oral Lavender gel caps and generalized anxiety ever conducted concluded: Lavender caps 80 mg had a better efficacy (power to produce a desired effect) than a placebo or Paxil (an anxiety drug). Lavender does not inhibit Serotonin reuptake. Lavender also had better effects on depression scores than placebo or Paxil.…read more.