Six Tips to Clear Your Body of Toxins

You eat well. You exercise. So why do you still feel lousy? If despite your best efforts you are still experiencing symptoms of “dis-ease,” such as fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and increased allergy issues, the culprit might be a toxic buildup in your body. Confused? How can you have toxins in your body if you eat…read more.

The 3 C’s in Life: Choice, Chance, and Change

Choices begin the process of change. Our brain chemistry actually changes when we make choices. So there is immediate chemistry shift creating physical support for change. Making a choice signals our brain that we’re ready to begin a new journey. So the choice is the first step in changing our behaviors. What choice are you…read more.

Spotlight on Your Immune System

Natural Flu Shots October 15th is “Global Hand Washing Day”. Shouldn’t everyday be Hand Washing Day? It is the time of year to boost your immune system to avoid flu and colds. Eat orange and yellow vegetables while in season. Take a high quality Vitamin D supplement. Eat organic foods. Avoid all sugars. Build your…read more.

Butterflies in Your Stomach

Is it really August already? August always feels like the ending of summer with school starting, sports seasons gearing up and many schedules changing. I love summer. Hopefully the weather will continue this way. My husband and I still have a summer bucket list to complete. This time of year easily becomes very busy and…read more.

The #1 Key to Eliminating Pain and Inflammation

The symptom of pain can often be associated with inflammation in a certain organ or system of the body. By inflammation, I mean an area of the body, not always on the surface, that is swollen, painful, and can be reddened or warm to touch. Inflammation can be a back ache, sore knee, sinus symptoms,…read more.

Four Tips About Our Winter Weather And Being Your Own Valentine

Everyone would agree, the winter weather has been a challenge and is taking its toll on our nervous systems. Besides the challenges of the cold, wind and trying not to be home bound too long; there have been significant swings in the barometric pressure. Barometric Pressure is air pressure, pounds per square inch. When the…read more.

Reminder: Boost Your Immune System

As we change seasons into autumn then on into winter, it is truly “boost your immune system” time. Sometimes I wonder how these virus/bacteria/flus can just drop out of the sky when the weather changes and we close up our homes! It seems there have been plenty of “bugs” around already. Don’t focus on getting…read more.

The Advantages of Butter

knife with butter
The truth is that eating butter is good for you. Here are 10 benefits of eating fresh creamery butter:

1) Butter is the most easily absorbable source of Vitamin A, which supports the thyroid and adrenal glands, and in turn, the cardiovascular system…

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Organic Baked Winter Squash Soup

fall produce
It is the time of year to boost your immune system with a generous intake of seasonal foods high in Vitamin A. I have enjoyed this recipe for years! The recipe is from my sister, Beth, and all foods in the recipe are organic…

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Hay Fever Season: Just Around the Corner

woman with tissue
Hay fever is an allergic reaction. It is the response of your immune system to foreign material in the air you breathe. Hay fever generally refers to allergies from outdoor, airborne materials such as pollens and molds. Approximately 15-20% of the population of the United States has some degree of hay fever…