2 Tips to Start a Healthier Lifestyle in 2019

Happy New Year! Are you starting 2019 off with a list of resolutions? I hope not. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, which, let’s face it, the majority of us don’t keep, why not simply resolve to start on a path to a healthier lifestyle, period? I know. Easier said than done. But it is possible—if…read more.

Medical Intuition: Your Path to True Healing

For 17 years I worked as a Registered Nurse in hospital settings. I left traditional nursing because I kept seeing the same people coming in for the same problems. They never seemed to get any better. I knew there had to be more that could be done to help them. I just didn’t know what,…read more.

Holistic Healing of the Heart

Reiki and healing MY heart? I never would have guessed. I am required to get nursing continuing education credits in order to maintain my board certification in Holistic Nursing and my Iowa Nursing License. When a friend mentioned a class she was taking in Des Moines, the topic really interested me. “Heal Your Heart After…read more.

Got an Old Shirt, Blouse, or Pants?

No, I am not asking for donations to a cause. Most of us have an old piece of clothing that is worn out or does not fit that we just can’t part with, there is some attachment. We can keep it around for years or find a way to clean our closet. The same is…read more.

Could Your Life Get Easier?

Twelve years ago, in 2001, I was a student in a 3-day course called Access Intuition 101. What I learned in this class amazed me, and I have used the skills ever since. The skills continually make my life easier. Who would not want to flow through life with ease?!…

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Workshop Reminder:

Learn to follow your intuition on a path to higher wisdom! You have the power within you. Everyone can learn to do this at the upcoming workshop, “Access Intuition 101.™” The workshop will take place on May 18th-20th, but you must register now before the spaces fill up…

Spread Your Wings

flying bald eagle
Make this the year of you! This year, 2012, is the year of expansion and change. We can all feel it in the air. Have you noticed? Many of the old ways of our lifestyles are not working as well as they once did. Spread your wings by doing something new to adapt to the changes in your life!…

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The GIFT of Healing

present wrapped
To practice self-induced healing is only possible when we listen to the messages our bodies give us. Once we hear our bodies, we must also imagine the desired outcome…

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Playing to Heal

kids running
Our minds are powerful things. You have the ability to heal yourself on many levels because your body believes what your mind tells it. Understanding this gives us a lot of possibility – and responsibility – in changing our lives for the better…

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