Breaking News: Should We Believe the Hype?

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You might have heard an alarming news report last month: “Dietary Supplements and Mortality Rate in Older Women,” a study published in the American Medical Association’s Archives of Internal Medicine, concluded that multivitamins and some dietary supplements may have an adverse effect on life expectancy in older women…

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Assessment of Your Environmental Exposure

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Since we live in a dynamic environment and there is chemical exposure on a regular basis, it is up to us to make lifestyle choices that will help our bodies stay healthy and as chemical-free as possible.  Healthy food choices can help support every cell of the body to work at optimal levels…

We Are All ONE

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While I am writing this blog edition, the world has just experienced one of the most devastating, unimaginable tragedies in its history: the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. The circumstances continue to unfold, and we are left with many uncertainties right now…

Glastonbury Awaits!

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Join me for a journey to Glastonbury, England over the fall Equinox. It is a spiritual journey to the land of King Arthur, Merlin the Magician, and the Holy Grail that is sure to be the trip of a lifetime…

Approaching the New Year: Island of Someday

My yoga teacher recently brought up the idea that we all have dreams, but most of us sit on the Island of Someday. Someday I am going to see the ocean, go to Disney World, take a yoga class, go on a retreat, go to Europe. When will you leave your Island of Someday?…

Boost Your Immune System Part IV: Flu Shots & Something Better

There is much controversy over the safety and necessity of flu shots. Last year was especially controversial with the media frenzy on the H1N1 flu pandemic. In August, the World Health Organization declared the Swine (H1N1) flu pandemic as passed. Any worries about this pandemic are not necessary, and possibly were never necessary from the start.

Finding Trust in Yourself

In a chaotic world, whom can you trust? Learning to trust yourself is key. We each need to be our own best advocate when it comes to living our lives to the fullest, healthiest potential. Learning to follow our intuition allows us to make decisions more easily, simplify our lives and reduce our stress…

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Taking a Moment for Your Health

Today I was released from the orthopedic surgeon after breaking my back on Memorial Day. Now I am starting physical therapy! I am greatly relieved to be at this part of my recovery, and I am anticipating making great strides with my physical therapist…

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