Putting my beliefs and knowledge into practice

Week 6 Every day I make connections with people who are constantly amazed by the rapid progress of my recovery.  I believe my recovery has been enhanced by my awareness of the bigger picture, investing in my beliefs as a Holistic Health professional, and putting it all into practice in my daily life. From the…read more.

My body knows best

Week 4 It has been my goal to get rid of the walker as soon as possible.  I have intentionally focused on engaging my back and leg muscles to work together in order to build up strength and mobility.  As I continued to listen to my body, my confidence increased.  I decided I could manage…read more.

Keeping a positive frame of mind, while expanding my healing

Week 3 My husband and I are on our own beginning this week.  The idea of going it alone is a bit daunting, but thank goodness for great friends! While my husband keeps his work commitments, the support of friends has been invaluable!  I have discovered that it is just not possible to do everything…read more.

Intuitively aware

With the exception of two cracked ribs, I had never broken a bone.  But, when I heard the loud crack (a sound I will never forget) as I landed on my back on my garage floor, my body immediately told me, “I have broken my back!”  My intuition was speaking loudly and clearly, and I…read more.