Give Way, The Road Sign in England

england yield sign
As many of you know, I just returned from a spiritual pilgrimage to Glastonbury England. The experience was transforming for me. The pilgrimage was a week of walking the land of sacred places that were created in a time when the land and seasons were honored in daily life…

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Medical Intuition: Body Scan

male body
This is a follow up to last week’s blog. I just finished teaching a group of insightful students in the first part of the Certification in Medical Intuition course. I really enjoyed each one of the students. It was rewarding to see them all grow so much in just a few short days!…

Medical Intuition

body on circle
I am excited to be in Sacramento, California to begin teaching the certification course in Medical Intuition, Lori Wilson’s Total Body Intuition. I have been teaching for Lori’s education company, Inner Access 101, since 2003. I thoroughly enjoy teaching, just as I enjoy all of my work. What is Medical Intuition and what does a Medical Intuitive do?…