4 Tips for a Happy (Gluten-free) Thanksgiving

If gluten isn’t on your Thanksgiving menu, don’t worry. It really is possible to have a delicious dinner that’s entirely gluten-free. Yes, even the pies. As someone who gave up gluten after experiencing migraine headaches 20 years ago (and who has had a rare migraine since), I have hosted many delicious gluten-free Thanksgiving dinners. But…read more.

Six Tips to Clear Your Body of Toxins

You eat well. You exercise. So why do you still feel lousy? If despite your best efforts you are still experiencing symptoms of “dis-ease,” such as fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and increased allergy issues, the culprit might be a toxic buildup in your body. Confused? How can you have toxins in your body if you eat…read more.

Lyme Disease: Follow this Natural Tip to Avoid It

In 2005, there were 89 reported cases of Lyme disease in Iowa, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). One of those 89 was my husband, Wayne. Finding a doctor who knew how to diagnose and treat Lyme disease proved challenging. In fact, we drove six hours round trip to see a…read more.

10 Choices for Eating Your Way Past Post-Holiday Aches and Pains

Are you starting off the New Year feeling sluggish, stiff and even in pain? Unfortunately, all that overindulging we’re prone to do over the holidays can do more than just impact our waistlines. Here’s why: During the holiday season, we’re more likely to eat more carbs and more sugar, consume more calories, drink less water,…read more.

Up to our ears…

It is July and in Iowa we are almost up to our ears……………in sweet corn. Remember 3 things about Sweet Corn: Buy and eat sweet corn as soon after picking as possible. When picked corn’s sugars start to convert to starch quickly. When choosing corn, the husk should be bright green and fit snugly around…read more.

Healthy Eating Journal: Keep Yourself on Track

eat live food
You are what you eat. Think about the demands you put on your body each day, and now imagine the fuel you put in your body to meet these demands. The healthier the fuel, the better able your body will be to meet your expectations of it. I want my fuel to be nutritious, delicious, and fulfilling – both physically and mentally…

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An Easy Way to Relieve Muscle Pain After Exercise

ginger root
This year I have been very organized for the holidays. I am looking forward to the family celebrations, but I am looking forward to the dawning of 2013. Even if we avoid falling off the fiscal cliff and other disasters, the world will be different in 2013. I feel that the new year will bring a more balanced and less chaotic world. By starting – or continuing – to strive for health in our physical bodies, there are always options to consider for improvement…

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