4 Tips for Choosing Peace in Chaotic Times

At 6 a.m. on Friday, July 8, I reached to turn on my cell phone only to have it ringing already. It was my daughter. “Mom, I’m okay,” she said. I had no idea why she was saying this. I then learned at a very personal level about the chaos that enfolded after a gunman…read more.

Nine Steps for Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

Begin at any age… Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a form of neurodegeneration. We have all heard about it and possibly observed it with parents or grandparents. Drugs for the most part have failed or made the AD worse. The deficient diet most people eat or grew up on is high in starchy, carbohydrate, plant based…read more.

It’s the heart that knows the path

As February moves along we notice in the media and stores the emphasis on relationships, love, the heart, and the color red/pink. This month is designated as “Heart Month.” The heart has come to represent many things but not been given enough credit for what is does. For centuries science has labeled the brain as…read more.

Revisit your best for 2016, make this your unsurpassed year!

As I embark on another new year, I am excited about opportunities providing new experiences in integrative health care. It is a wild world and certainly a year of change for everyone and everything. For me to embark on the New Year, I must cleanse/detox unhealthy habits, especially the food cravings left over from the…read more.

Can stress be genetically inherited?

I am amazed at the amount of consumer social media that is dedicated to just nutrition. Most of this information makes recommendations to make us healthy, stay young (anti-aging), boost energy, etc. None of this will happen with a few certain foods, like more avocados, kale, greens, and juicing, like they recommend. These are all…read more.

Where does self-care go when we are too busy?

I have moved into my new Coralville office with the help of several friends and of course my never tiring husband. The entire process took more energy and time than expected. I could easily become overwhelmed at times trying to make so many decisions. I am very grateful for those who helped me organize and…read more.

Patience and Healing

In the beginning of March I had my first surgery ever, a partial knee replacement. The experience in the hospital was excellent, considering I practice a holistic approach to healing, not healing pieces and parts. Once home, my husband helped me follow all the instructions. I went to Physical Therapy, did the exercises 3-4 times…read more.

One Great Way to Actually Feel the Joy of the Holidays

Well, as I am writing this our Iowa winter sure has arrived in full white beauty and chill. This is the time of year we not only with winter upon us but more gray short days. I find these days a challenge since I feel better with more sunlight. This only adds to the stress…read more.

One Great Way to Cope With Stress

Stress? Many people don’t even realize how stressed and up tight they are. Reiki is the best way to manage stress. Monthly, I receive Reiki treatments. Reiki shifts my symptoms of stress and provides another way to cope with a busy lifestyle. Reiki clears the cluttered mind, reduces pulse and blood pressure, relaxes the muscles,…read more.

Butterflies in Your Stomach

Is it really August already? August always feels like the ending of summer with school starting, sports seasons gearing up and many schedules changing. I love summer. Hopefully the weather will continue this way. My husband and I still have a summer bucket list to complete. This time of year easily becomes very busy and…read more.