Taking a Moment for Your Health

Today I was released from the orthopedic surgeon after breaking my back on Memorial Day. Now I am starting physical therapy! I am greatly relieved to be at this part of my recovery, and I am anticipating making great strides with my physical therapist…

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Ready to go with the flow!

Week 5 As time goes on, and I become clearer headed (I’m down to one pain pill a day!), I find it harder to listen to my body.  My mind is filled with anticipation of doing everything I used to do prior to my accident, and I have to resist becoming impatient with my still…read more.

Changing of the guardÂ… keep on keeping on

My personal Physical Therapist had to return home.  Her assistance through the week was invaluable.  The thought of being without extra help was a little distressing for me and my husband, but we didn’t have to face that inevitability just yet.  We were blessed with our oldest daughter coming to assist us for another week.…read more.