Cheers to healing bones!

After consulting with my nutrition mentors, I re-evaluated my current supplement routine.  Today I started my “Bone Healing” smoothie.  It is a great lunch and a great way to expedite the bone healing process!

Recipe for “Bone Healing Smoothie”

Biotics: Rice Protein Powder, 1-2 scoops
Rice Milk Enriched, 1 cup, can add more to change the consistency
Greek Yogurt 0% fat, ½ cup
Cottage Cheese, Organic, Low fat, ½ cup
Flaxseed meal, 1 teaspoon
Fresh or Frozen berries, 1 cup
Standard Process: Calcium Lactate Power, 2 teaspoons

To my daily supplement routine, I added:

  • Standard Process Biost (Calcium for healing bone)
  • Ligaplex ll (for muscle repair)
  • Biotics Bio C+ 1000 (for tissue repair and carrying calcium to the bone level)
  • ADHS (for Adrenal support from the trauma)
  • 21st Century Homeopathic Biotics Lymphatic Drainage (for toxin removal and movement of lymph while being on restricted activity).
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