Children’s Nutrition: Nutritious Breakfasts & Lunches

Back to school time is just around the corner! It is an exciting transition for children and families, and there are many changes and adjustments that will occur in our daily lives. We must remember that in order for children to grow up strong and healthy, and in order for children to fulfill their potential in a school environment, they must have proper nutrition.

It is important to start each day with a healthy breakfast. Children’s growing bodies and cognitive development rely on the regular intake of food. By skipping breakfast, kids run the risk of physical, intellectual, and behavioral problems. The short amount of time it takes to prepare and eat a breakfast filled with protein, whole grains, and fresh fruits is an opportunity to start the day well for you and your kids.

Pack a lunch for your kids to take to school, and avoid school cafeteria lunches. Kids, like adults, have many opportunities to eat poorly. We must ensure that our children have a diet full of whole foods – protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables – to adequately supply all the nutrients their bodies need. A diet rich in these whole foods allows for proper development and helps to keep children healthy. By packing a lunch, you are able to provide a much more nutritious lunch than they would get at school.

Make an appointment with me to discuss your child’s nutritional needs. Let’s make this school year great by maintaining proper nutrition!

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