CoreRestore Surprises

surprisedI was surprised to hear…

…the follow up reports to our January program. Since January, The Liver Detox/Cleanse Group have reported so many positive changes to their health after completing the detox. Many found it much easier than they thought it would be. One person specifically had this to say:

The CoreRestore seven-day liver detox program changed my life for the better. I never thought any single program would have this kind of positive impact on the way I live, but the results I experienced have been truly amazing.

I lost eight pounds during the seven days, and I’m continuing to lose weight because of the healthy eating habits I started. My husband, who was only along for the ride to show his support (he did not go on the program), lost five pounds (men!). We are now on the same “clean” food plan eaten on the program. Our goal is to eat clean 90-95% of the time because let’s face it: special occasions with family and friends are going to happen.

I’ve had three people tell me how amazing my skin looks, and that my face has a “radiant glow”. One person told me I looked great and even asked if I had work done! And last, but not least, my cravings for salty, fatty, high-carb foods have all but disappeared.

I’ve committed to doing the CoreRestore program every six months to help detoxify my body and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This CoreRestore program is available any time of year to enhance your health and change habits! Contact me!

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