Could Your Life Get Easier?

Twelve years ago, in 2001, I was a student in a 3-day course called Access Intuition 101. What I learned in this class amazed me, and I have used the skills ever since. The skills continually make my life easier. Who would not want to flow through life with ease?!

I was so excited about this course, in fact, that I became a trainer for Inner Access 101 (Canadian education company) in order to teach this course, and be able to share it with everyone here in the U.S. After completing my training to teach this course, I have taught it annually in the Midwest and California.

I am thrilled to announce that I am teaching this 3-day course again in the spring! The class will be held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and will be hosted by Hands in Harmony Massage Clinic!

Everyone can expand their intuitive abilities and gain new skills to make life easier. WouldnÂ’t you like to feel at ease making better decisions? When you are able to access intuition and genuine wisdom on a daily basis, you are able to do this!

Here are some tools you will gain as you expand your intuitive abilitiesÂ…

Avoid confusing your intuitive guidance with your thoughts or instincts.

Find your own style of tuning-in to refine your skills.

Find your own personal style for receiving information. Learn how to connect to your higher wisdom.

Learn to track and listen to your body. You will become acquainted with your own body in a more powerful way, and the body can tell you a lot!

Learn applicable uses for these tools.

Learn to understand energy, trust, and so much more!

I am thrilled to be able to bring this class to you. It is a 3-day course that is not to miss! The course will be held April 12, 13, and 14, 2013, and the location will be at the Baymont Inn & Suites, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

For the flyer information on my website click here!

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