Environmental Medicine Part II: What can you do to improve your environmental exposures?

The President’s Cancer Panel has made recommendations for ways we can minimize the toxicity of our living environments. Below is a summary of these recommendations:

  • Eat organic foods and wash other, non-organic foods to remove residues
  • Eat free range / natural or grass-fed meat to reduce exposure to antibiotics, growth hormones and toxic run-off from livestock feedlots
  • Choose “green” household cleaners
  • Choose “green” garden products
  • Be aware of and reduce exposures to toxic environments while pregnant
  • Ensure children’s play areas and toys are free of toxins
  • Select medicines and medical tests for children that limit toxins
  • Remove your shoes before entering your home
  • Wash work clothes separately from other laundry
  • Filter tap or well water at home
  • Use only stainless steel, glass or BPA and phthalate-free containers
  • Microwave food in glass containers – not plastic (I would recommend not using a microwave altogether, as it reduces the vitamin and mineral content in food)

All of these recommendations are helpful, easy to accomplish, and should be taken very seriously. Another recommendation I have to eliminate a toxic environment is to read labels in order to discover any chemical additives. Next week’s blog will have ingredients to stay away from in your foods and cosmetics. Call me for an appointment to discuss additional ways to adapt your lifestyle to live in a cleaner personal environment.

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