Finding Trust in Yourself

In a chaotic world, whom can you trust? Learning to trust yourself is key. We each need to be our own best advocate when it comes to living our lives to the fullest, healthiest potential. Learning to follow our intuition allows us to make decisions more easily, simplify our lives and reduce our stress.

Consider the following upcoming class:

Can you trust yourself?
Intuition and Channeling Higher Wisdom
Nov. 12, 13, 14, 2010
Friday, Saturday, Sunday

This class is open to anyone wanting to discover and develop the natural potential we all possess to follow our intuitions. There is no “recipe” to learn in the approach of this class. Instead, each student will find and hone his or her own personal style of becoming attuned with oneself.

The course flyer is posted on my website on the workshop page. Come join us for this 3-day experiential course that has been described by past participants as “life changing.”

This is a class not to miss!

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