Four Tips About Our Winter Weather And Being Your Own Valentine

Everyone would agree, the winter weather has been a challenge and is taking its toll on our nervous systems. Besides the challenges of the cold, wind and trying not to be home bound too long; there have been significant swings in the barometric pressure. Barometric Pressure is air pressure, pounds per square inch. When the barometric pressure changes, this challenges everyone’s nervous systems with increasing headaches, anxiety or just not feeling 100%. It is not the actual number on the barometer but the changes that often affect us the most. Staying balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically can be a very day by day balance because the barometer has moved so quickly back and forth.

TIP # 1: Mediating, yoga, deep breathing and other self-care therapies will help our balance. If barometric headaches/migraines are a problem I suggest a magnesium supplement, usually taken before bedtime. The magnesium is calming so it also helps with sleeping.

TIP # 2: The barometric effects can also challenge our stress levels, our nervous system works overtime and anxiety becomes more of a problem. This depletes our B vitamins and increases our susceptibility to anxiety. Replacing the B Vitamins with good food sources and a B vitamin complex high in vitamin G and lower in vitamin B is best to shift the stress on the nervous system and reduce anxiety.

TIP #3: Energetically, Reiki sessions quiet our nervous systems, promote relaxation, and provide a wonderful source of energy and balance. I have been using Reiki with clients and myself since 1993, for over 20 years. I have repeatedly seen the results of Reiki sessions first hand. Reiki sessions only take one hour to shift your stress and calm your nervous system.

TIP #4: Self-care and loving yourself is important for balance: Be your own Valentine. Give yourself the gift of Reiki.

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