Four Tips to Holding on to Hope

Always believe something wonderful is about to happenIn last month’s blog, I wrote about the role of resilience in helping the brain heal from childhood trauma. That got me thinking about “hope” and how having hope can help us in our lives.

Hope is an innate gift—just like love. Hope helps us trust. Without hope, we can feel disillusioned and dissatisfied. Hopelessness can even lead to despair. When we’re faced with health challenges, for example, it can be difficult to hold on to hope, but doing so can be a key to our recovery.

Having hope allows us to see solutions instead of problems, thus clearing the way for a happier life.

Hope Manifested

I can't wait to meet you Grandma!When I have hope, I know that whatever the outcome is, all will be well. I was reminded of that when I received an unbelievable gift in the mail: An infant’s “onesie” with the message, “I can’t wait to meet you, Grandma!” and the date “June 2017” printed on it.

What a surprise—and a miracle!

You see for years I had the strongest desire to be a grandmother. But four years ago, I let go of that desire. Clinging to it had caused me suffering. While in the letting go I felt some initial sadness, I didn’t despair. I trusted—I had hope—that the Universe knew what was best for all involved.

In July, I met my beautiful, healthy grandson. His birth renewed all of my beliefs about possibilities and increased my sense of hope in everything.

While one might think I gave up hope of becoming a grandmother, that’s not accurate. What I gave up was that my happiness was tied to that particular outcome. In the letting go, the impossible, if you will, became possible.

Tips for Finding Hope

So how can you find hope when you’re feeling hopeless? Try these four tips:

  1. Allow what you are receiving instead of resisting it.
  2. Get out of your own way.
  3. Be open to what shows up in your awareness.
  4. Tap into your inner guidance through journaling.

Here for You

If you’re experiencing despair and feeling hopeless, please contact me. Together, we can put you on a path to hope. Please email me at or call me at 319-631-0824 to schedule a session.

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