Gel Manicure Dangers!

Here is a very important follow up to last month’s entry on nails! Although I have no intention of ever using gel nails, a local aesthetician called to my attention the problems associated with these artificial nails. She knows I am very conscientious about what chemicals people choose to expose themselves to, and I am happy to pass on the information to you!

Here are some of the risks of gel manicure products…

1) The products contain skin irritants, including certain methacrylates, which may cause skin redness, itching, and swelling. These products do not comply with the recommendations of the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, an independent industry group, to include instructions to avoid skin contact.

2) The products contain toxic chemicals. Some contain butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), which is a carcinogen. Others include the ingredient methyl pyrrolidone, which may cause reproductive harm. Both of these ingredients are included on California’s Proposition 65 list of toxic chemicals.

3) The products require UV light to “set” the gel. Although these manicures require only 4-8 minutes of exposure to the rays, manicures may be done every two weeks. You should avoid all unnecessary exposure to UV radiation!

4) Removing the gel in the required acetone solution can lead to long-term problems. Acetone is a very drying chemical, and it may cause cracking, peeling, brittle nails, and chapped skin.

Use this information to make the wise decision to steer clear of gel manicures. With all the potential side effects, these manicures are simply not worth the risk. Contact me if you are experiencing any reactions to gel manicures you have had in the past.

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