GERD Mimicking a Heart Attack? Who Would Know?

HeartOne morning last week at 4 am, my husband woke me up saying, “Terri, I have chest pain, radiating around to my back, and up into both jaws.” After he took 3 Nitro (for chest pain) with only moderate relief we were off to the ER. We spent most of the day there having tests ruling out a heart attack. His test were all normal, blood tests, EKG, and a Stress Test, all monitored by 2 physicians. So 8-9 hours later when the Cardiologist said “Wayne your heart is as healthy as it can be, it must be GERD,” we were grateful. Thank goodness!!!

I then asked: “How can we tell at 4 am with these symptoms if there is a heart problem or Acid Reflux/GERD?” He said, “You can’t.” GERD needs to be treated and you still need to come to the ER if there is chest pain to rule out a heart attack. That is the only way to know and be safe with managing your health. I am glad we were safe, went to the ER, and not sorry.

Biotics Research has produced a new product, HCL-Ease™. This is for the treatment of GERD. HCL-Ease™ contains meadowsweet, okra, eyebright, marshmallow, Asian plantain and pepsin. The combination of these herbs help soothe and heal the stomach and intestinal lining, helping relieve heartburn. You can order this product by visiting my Online Store.

It is important to also treat GERD with the proper food plan avoiding foods like, coffee, chocolate, garlic, tomatoes, and other foods that may cause you symptoms.

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