Give Way, The Road Sign in England

england yield sign
As many of you know, I just returned from a spiritual pilgrimage to Glastonbury England. The experience was transforming for me. The pilgrimage was a week of walking the land of sacred places that were created in a time when the land and seasons were honored in daily life. We visited these sacred sites: Stonehenge, Glastonbury Abby, the Chalice Wall, the Tor, Merlin’s Cave and Mound, King Arthur’s Castle, the Hermit’s Cell, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Roman Baths. Each of these sites carried its own history, meaning, and healing energy for the larger geographical areas. I travelled with a wonderful group of 13 women and an extremely knowledgeable tour guide, John Flanagan of Divine Light Tours.

Along the way, the road sign that read “Give Way” caught my attention. I did not realize at first that it was a “Yield” sign – thank goodness I was not driving! The words “Give Way” resonated strongly for me in thinking about my reason for the pilgrimage. To give way, to surrender, to let go of old thoughts, beliefs and habits that do not serve me anymore on my path as a daughter, mother, wife, and healer.

It is not necessary for you to go on a pilgrimage to surrender to what your intuition guidance, or higher power is trying to tell you to change. Avoid delaying a change in your own life, even if it means you only take baby steps towards the change at first. Every action counts and everything is connected. This makes a substantial difference in how easily each day can move with the flow of life. Relinquish control over to your higher power, hold steady, and step aside. This takes practice, but can provide much less stress in your life!

Please enjoy a photo album from my pilgrimage:

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