Good Research

It is interesting how much the field of medicine is researching and publishing about nutrition and supplement solutions for healthcare. Often it is necessary to see who is funding the research and how that may be contributing to the outcomes.

Here are very good some examples of research well done:

New Research Supports Fish Oil Use for Lower Blood Pressure. American Journal Hypertension. 2014 March 6.
I strongly suggest professional quality fish oil, because another report says 75% of the fish oil sold over the counter is mostly soybean oil, not fish oil.

Vitamin D Linked to Increased Breast Cancer Survival, Anticancer Research. 2014 March.
Researchers recently analyzed data from five studies to assess the relationship between vitamin D blood levels and breast cancer survival rates. Data was assessed based on death rates following the diagnosis of breast cancer.

I strongly suggest a non-synthetic Vitamin D for women and men. Vitamin D should be made from a lanolin source. There are many other reasons, of course, to take Vitamin D.

Probiotics Reduce the Risk of Infections in Children Pediatrics. 2014 Mar 17.
Probiotic supplementation reduced diarrhea in infants and the occurrence of respiratory tract infections in children at both the 3 and 6 month follow-up of the research. This information has been published in the Nutrition Research for years.

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