Heal Your Entire Self

Depression is a common complaint among many of my patients. Depression has many forms and many symptoms, and it is often difficult to recognize in oneself.

The most common treatment for depression is medication. While medication does have value for many people, it is too often the only treatment pursued. Medication can be supportive during a traumatic time, but it can also turn into a lifetime crutch.

A holistic approach to conquering depression goes far beyond medication. In order to experience healing from depression, the whole person must be treated.

We might consider these questions when exploring your depression:

  • What triggered the depression?
  • Was it a gradual or sudden onset?
  • Has the trigger been resolved?
  • If not, how can the trigger be resolved?

It is also important to consider spiritual elements of healing that can create a more balanced life. You must be willing to do self-reflection to promote spiritual growth to create a change in your life. An individual’s person growth evolves when there is a change in thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors. Great healing can occur by looking at the world with new glasses. This can be accomplished through meditation, journaling, spiritual counseling, and reading specific books. Most people need support through this process, and I am there to provide it.

Remember that in order to heal your entire self, we must consider your entire self.

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