Holistic Healing of the Heart

Reiki and healing MY heart? I never would have guessed.

youcanhealyourheart_webI am required to get nursing continuing education credits in order to maintain my board certification in Holistic Nursing and my Iowa Nursing License. When a friend mentioned a class she was taking in Des Moines, the topic really interested me. “Heal Your Heart After Grieving, Help Your Clients Find Peace After Break-Ups, Divorce, Death and Other Losses” by David Kessler. David has written books with Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross and Louise Hay, which puts him in a specialty group of helping people learn how to heal from loss. I first learned about Elisabeth’s work with death and dying in a Nursing course in college, way back when, and I have followed Louise Hay for at least 25 years. My intention for attending this class was to learn more about how I can facilitate healing of sadness/grief with clients, friends, and family.

To my surprise not only did I learn about grief healing with others, but I suddenly became more aware about the sadness (grief) I was carrying in my own life. It seems I often am attracted to a book or a class for what I need to heal the most for myself. From this class I learned many things about grief, myself, and what others may experience. In order to heal, each person must do 3 things: find their power, release the role of victim, and own their reality and life.

Because the details of my personal sadness were not obvious during this class, what was I going to do to connect deeper to heal myself? I did what I know to do best: Reiki sessions. During one Reiki session with my Reiki Master I learned how I have held this grief and sadness in my heart and right shoulder, each part tugging energetically on each other, causing a stiff upper back and shoulder. Through the Reiki session and the guidance of the Reiki Master I also learned that my feelings were associated with a death and a different loss in my life. I am processing this by doing journaling, Reiki on myself, and more Reiki sessions.


According to David and Louise, there are three steps to healing:

  1. Feel your feelings
  2. Allow old wounds to come up for healing
    (These are negative thoughts that stretch beyond current losses)
  3. Change the distorted thinking about relationships, love and life.
    (My words: this usually involves trust)

There are many layers to healing all leading to forgiveness of ourselves and others. Please consider having Reiki sessions and the intuitive guidance that I offer for healing not only physical problems but emotional and spiritual ones also. The body and the energy field experiences everything we do in our lives.

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