Greater than the Sum of Our Parts

Epstein's book
We are all greater than the sum of our parts. We are individuals with minds, bodies, emotions, and spirits. Contrary to what we might have been taught, we are more than our parents’ biology! A maximum of 10% of all diseases are caused by genetics…

In Gratitude to You!

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I began my practice in Holistic Nursing in 1990. My passion is to be of service to people. It is through the motivation you have for your health that makes it possible for me to serve you as a Holistic Nurse every day. Thank you very much, and have a wonderful, grateful holiday!

Boost Your Immune System Part IV: Flu Shots & Something Better

There is much controversy over the safety and necessity of flu shots. Last year was especially controversial with the media frenzy on the H1N1 flu pandemic. In August, the World Health Organization declared the Swine (H1N1) flu pandemic as passed. Any worries about this pandemic are not necessary, and possibly were never necessary from the start.

Boost Your Immune System Part III: The Season for Yellow and Orange

yellow and orange vegetablesyellow and orange vegetables
Yellow and Orange autumn vegetables are very tasty! It is no coincidence that nature provides us with these colorful vegetables in the autumn – they offer a much-needed boost to our immune systems before the winter months. Enjoy these vegetables all season, and store more in your freezer for the winter!

Boost Your Immune System Part I: 4 Steps to a Strong Immune System

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With the changing colors of the trees and the new chill in the air, we find ourselves in the heart of autumn with winter to follow soon. The weather changes we are experiencing are often accompanied by increased occurrences of colds and flu viruses. This time of year is a great opportunity for us to examine ways to avoid catching these viruses.

Forgiving for a Healthier, Happier Life

smiling ladyForgiveness requires individual changes at many levels. Research in the Harvard Health Publication indicates that forgiveness is powerful. The publication reports that forgiving others and oneself can bring about 5 changes for a healthier and happier life.

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