Finding Balance

rocks balancing on each other
Healing occurs when we are in the correct relationship with ourselves. In other words, we are able to heal when all levels of our human system – our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves – are all in balance.

Imbalance within ourselves comes from many sources. Most commonly, the stress of relationships, family, work, and expectations we have of ourselves can cause imbalances in our relationship with ourselves.

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Healing vs. Curing

pine forest
Whether you are seeing the forest or the trees, there is a realization that everything is connected.  This is a holistic principle that I emphasize in my life and in my private practice as a Holistic Nurse.  The integration of the mind, body, and spirit is key to caring for – and healing – the whole person.  It is important to recognize that healing is very different from curing.

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How Does Reiki Help Stress and Negative Thinking?

Positive Energy
Did you know there is a way to take responsibility for abandoning the unhealthy cycle of stress and negative thinking? Reiki is a non-invasive healing technique that we can all learn.

Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the person’s physical body and energy field. Reiki rebalances the person with positive energy…

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Taking the Next Step

Next Step
Attending classes can help you take the next step to fully integrating holistic practices into your day-to-day life. Reiki training is essential for anyone interested in reducing stress, increasing relaxation, and promoting healing throughout the body….

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Finding Trust in Yourself

In a chaotic world, whom can you trust? Learning to trust yourself is key. We each need to be our own best advocate when it comes to living our lives to the fullest, healthiest potential. Learning to follow our intuition allows us to make decisions more easily, simplify our lives and reduce our stress…

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Preventative Nutrition for Eye Health

While I was healing from my accident this summer, my 92-year old mother lost her sight. This has been a major adjustment in her life, especially considering she had done Tai Chi, daily brain exercises on the computer, and her own grocery shopping. This has led me to look (no pun intended) at how I am caring for my eyes, since I plan to live to be a centurion…

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Taking a Moment for Your Health

Today I was released from the orthopedic surgeon after breaking my back on Memorial Day. Now I am starting physical therapy! I am greatly relieved to be at this part of my recovery, and I am anticipating making great strides with my physical therapist…

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Putting my beliefs and knowledge into practice

Week 6 Every day I make connections with people who are constantly amazed by the rapid progress of my recovery.  I believe my recovery has been enhanced by my awareness of the bigger picture, investing in my beliefs as a Holistic Health professional, and putting it all into practice in my daily life. From the…read more.

Ready to go with the flow!

Week 5 As time goes on, and I become clearer headed (I’m down to one pain pill a day!), I find it harder to listen to my body.  My mind is filled with anticipation of doing everything I used to do prior to my accident, and I have to resist becoming impatient with my still…read more.