My body knows best

Week 4 It has been my goal to get rid of the walker as soon as possible.  I have intentionally focused on engaging my back and leg muscles to work together in order to build up strength and mobility.  As I continued to listen to my body, my confidence increased.  I decided I could manage…read more.

Keeping a positive frame of mind, while expanding my healing

Week 3 My husband and I are on our own beginning this week.  The idea of going it alone is a bit daunting, but thank goodness for great friends! While my husband keeps his work commitments, the support of friends has been invaluable!  I have discovered that it is just not possible to do everything…read more.

10 days post accident

>Another pretty picture – an unprecedented rate of healing! In my practice, I have known this to be true, but today I was able to experience it for myself: A well devised combination of Holistic Health Care and Medical diagnostics achieve results in a short period of time. Today I had a visit to the…read more.

Changing of the guard… keep on keeping on

My personal Physical Therapist had to return home.  Her assistance through the week was invaluable.  The thought of being without extra help was a little distressing for me and my husband, but we didn’t have to face that inevitability just yet.  We were blessed with our oldest daughter coming to assist us for another week.…read more.

Cheers to healing bones!

After consulting with my nutrition mentors, I re-evaluated my current supplement routine.  Today I started my “Bone Healing” smoothie.  It is a great lunch and a great way to expedite the bone healing process! Recipe for “Bone Healing Smoothie” Biotics: Rice Protein Powder, 1-2 scoops Rice Milk Enriched, 1 cup, can add more to change…read more.

Keeping a sound mind to regain a sound body

As I began to focus on my recuperation, I took great comfort in my family, friends and clients sending healing thoughts, prayers and Reiki. I also found comfort, as I began listening to a new CD.  The recording, “Body Field Sound Healing,” is the first of its kind.  It is encoded with information designed to…read more.

Home again, home again jiggity jig… to commence healing!

Lying in the backseat of the car again, I was reminded of my trip to the ER only three days before.  Thankfully, the pain was numbed with medication for this trip.  My spirits were lifting because today I could finally start expanding the Holistic Care I longed for in the hospital! My daughter, a physical…read more.

Visualizing my recovery

Reality really hit when, about 36 hours later, the nurse put on my back brace, and I attempted to walk across the hospital room.  I held on to the walker and took three steps.  Despite the morphine drip in the IV, the pain was almost entirely intolerable.  At this point of tremendous pain, I had…read more.

Intuitively aware

With the exception of two cracked ribs, I had never broken a bone.  But, when I heard the loud crack (a sound I will never forget) as I landed on my back on my garage floor, my body immediately told me, “I have broken my back!”  My intuition was speaking loudly and clearly, and I…read more.


I believe everything is connected and happens for a reason, even if we do not recognize the reason at the time. I had an accident this summer (summer 2010) and it created an opportunity for me to share how my life experiences and work relate to my own health.  By blogging about my traumatic injury…read more.