Keeping a positive frame of mind, while expanding my healing

Week 3

My husband and I are on our own beginning this week.  The idea of going it alone is a bit daunting, but thank goodness for great friends! While my husband keeps his work commitments, the support of friends has been invaluable!  I have discovered that it is just not possible to do everything I would like to do with a walker.  I am focusing on the progress and not on the frustrations.

As the days progress, I am able to take fewer pain pills.  This has allowed me to expand the time and focus I spend on my healing prayers and meditation.  The daily meditation has begun to help me to get back to feeling like my old self!

I have also increased my physical activities.  I took a ride in the car, and I went out to dinner for the first time in three weeks!  This was a tiring, but excellent challenge for my body.

AnastasiaWith a now clearer head, I have begun reading the series of 9 Anastasia books, “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” (see the Resource Links page for more information).  These books are wonderful novels that take place in the present time, they are easy to read, and they have a wealth of spiritual information.  At this important time of growth in my life, I find these books to be a perfect fit.  A healing crisis is not necessary in order to benefit from these books, however.  Anyone can grow and learn from reading these books!

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