Lavender for depression and anxiety?

anxiousThe largest clinical trial on oral Lavender gel caps and generalized anxiety ever conducted concluded:

  • Lavender caps 80 mg had a better efficacy (power to produce a desired effect) than a placebo or Paxil (an anxiety drug).
  • Lavender does not inhibit Serotonin reuptake.
  • Lavender also had better effects on depression scores than placebo or Paxil.
  • Lavender does not have withdrawl effects, as medications like Paxil do.
  • One caution: a certain type of Lavender oil preparation was used in this clinical trial for internal use, in a gel cap, for maximum absorption. Not just any liquid lavender is safe for oral/internal use. If you need some I have this product available. Email or call me at 319-626-2416.
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