Medical Intuition: Body Scan

male body
This is a follow up to last week’s blog. I just finished teaching a group of insightful students in the first part of the Certification in Medical Intuition course. I really enjoyed each one of the students. It was rewarding to see them all grow so much in just a few short days!

In the style of Medical Intuition Body Scan (Lori Wilson’s Total Body Intuition) that I teach, all the information comes from the body. This style is not a psychic reading, nor does it involve channeling, a guide, or following a map of chakras, archetypes or diseases. The Body Scan is the process of gathering information from each individual body.

During a Body Scan, the body may share physical, emotional, and spiritual information or patterns that are contributing to symptoms of discomfort or even interfering with healing. While attending to the body of the client, I use Body Scan techniques to clarify, source, and track information to its root cause. The information shared by the body can guide the client to choose a method of healing that fits the root cause of their symptoms.

Many years of experience with the Body Scan process has taught me that each person’s body processes and holds the experiences of their lifetime differently. I am often surprised by what the body shares and how specific the information can be to correlate with the client’s symptoms and next level of healing.

Contact me for an appointment to have your own Body Scan. If you are interested in taking the Certification Course in Medical Intuition in Iowa City, please contact me for more information.

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