Medical Intuition: Your Path to True Healing

For 17 years I worked as a Registered Nurse in hospital settings. I left traditional nursing because I kept seeing the same people coming in for the same problems. They never seemed to get any better.

I knew there had to be more that could be done to help them. I just didn’t know what, at that time.

I went on to work in admissions at a chiropractic college. It was there that I learned more about the body’s innate ability to heal itself without surgery or medication. After attending a conference of holistic nurses I came to understand even more about the mind-body-spirit connection, and levels of healing.

Our bodies, I’ve come to understand, know what they need. Our job is to listen to them. Helping clients uncover their body’s wisdom is where my passion lies.

Over the years I’ve gone through extensive training in Medical Intuition. This ancient art and science involves identifying the source of illness and dis-ease by listening to what our bodies and energy fields have to say.

You see our bodies and energy fields hold memories that can contribute to pain and other uncomfortable physical symptoms. Through a medical intuitive body scan, you can uncover the root cause of your blocks, illness or disease so that you can truly heal.


This case study is a perfect example of many examples of finding root cause, becoming aware and clearing/healing health problems.

Clients main concern: Piriformis Syndrome, as diagnosed medically.
(The piriformis muscle runs from your lower spine to the top of your thigh bone. Piriformis syndrome occurs when this muscle presses on your sciatic nerve (the nerve that goes from your spinal cord to your buttocks and down the back of each leg. This can cause pain and numbness in your lower body.)

I started the body scan by tuning into the clients lower back and intuitively followed the body’s guidance to the piriformis muscle. This is what the body shared:

“I was guided intuitively to inside the piriformis muscle, seeing a tightened muscle at the sacral bone edge, then it loosened up across the muscle where it attaches to the hip. Here the body showed me the client, Clare (not her real name), at age 7 sitting in the front row in a school desk chair, distracting the teacher by wiggling around in her seat. Finally the teacher raises her voice and in front of the entire class says, ‘Clare, will you please sit still!’ Clare is embarrassed. She did not realize she was wiggling that much. Clare says to herself, ‘She hurt my feelings.’ At that point Clare made a promise to her 7 year old self, ‘I will sit still no matter what.’ Then she contracted her piriformis and butt muscles to hold the position.

Then I was guided by Clare’s body to follow an energetic circuit to the heart (a line of energy from the piriformis muscle to the heart). This energetic line carries some hurt feelings from the teacher. And now when the hurt feelings come up again, like being embarrassed, the feelings persist and the piriformis tightens. These areas are connected because Clare does not want to show her feelings of embarrassment to others. So even today now, instead of showing a facial expression, Clare’s piriformis tightens. No one can see that… .”

The client validated this experience at that age, and remembered in more detail what had happened between herself and the teacher.

This is one case study of part of a full body scan, but also an example of a mini body scan.

I offer a mini body scan, which is a more focused scan on one particular symptom or area of the body. I also offer full body scans, which I recommend if you have multiple concerns or serious or long-term health issues.

You can learn more here on my website about how you might benefit from Medical Intuition.

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