Health is a natural human potential.

Medical Intuition

As a Holistic Nurse, Terri looks at the mind-body-spirit connection. You may come in with an idea of what you want her to address, but end up taking a completely different path depending on what your body has to say to Terri. Terri’s passion is to help you see the essence of who you are (your spirituality) and then help you shift from what you are stuck in to how you can be.

Terri’s education and experience combine the study of the physical body (anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology) with the study of the spiritual body (energy, body-field). This combination gives Terri the unique ability to truly identify the root cause of physical or emotional imbalances.

One of the services Terri provides is Medical Intuition. Medical intuition is an ancient art and science of identifying the source of illness by listening to what your body and energy field have to say.

Each person carries physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks/imbalances that interfere with daily life and healing. These manifest as symptoms or diseases in the body. The body and the energy field hear and feel everything we say, do, and experience. The body and the energy field hold memories which may contribute to stuck feelings, pain, and uncomfortable physical symptoms. The wisdom of the body and energy field provides insights for healing.

There are two options Terri provides for finding out what your body has to say: Medical Intuitive Mini-Body Scan and Medical Intuitive Body Scan. Click a button below to learn more.

Medical Intuitive Mini-Body Scan

Medical Intuitive Body Scan

Not sure what is best for you? Please contact Terri by email or call her at 319-631-0824 to talk about your options.

Without your body you would not be here. Your body is the door. The Medical Intuitive Body Scan is the key to finding the root cause of your blocks, illness, or disease.