Mini Body Scan Case Study

With permission from my client, I’m sharing a wonderful case study on intuitive health.

Mini Body Scan concern: (Email from client)

“I have pain in the area where my bladder is. It feels like a pinching, stinging pain on the full length of my bladder. It can feel like my bladder is hot, like burning. Akin to the feeling of having held in your urine for long and finally using the restroom- that after feeling where maybe your bladder feels hot? Anyway, it is hard to sleep and sit. I do not have pain when urinating, but feel the urge to frequently urinate, although a UTI has been ruled out. I am concerned that it might be something minor and fixable, but due to the lack of a diagnosis, I’m letting it get worse. I also do not have health insurance and I know the medical process of trial error tests to find out what it is can be extreme (I just called a doctor today and there are multiple steps and tests they would do which are are so expensive). I thought I would try this route as perhaps you can help me alleviate some fears as to what this issue is and maybe I can cure it with home remedies? I’ve already changed my diet to incorporate more veggies and drink cranberry juice, but still feel the discomfort.
– J.L. Washington State”

Mini Body Scan Session: Concern: bladder pain, without a UTI

“I am guided to your lower abdomen to the lower right area, past your skin, muscles, and tissue to the bladder. Inside bladder there is a small amount of fluid/urine. (which is normal).

Your body guides me to the right side of your bladder to the wall of the bladder. The bladder tissue is shrunk down since it is not full of urine. I went inside the folds of the bladder tissue. At the wall of the bladder tissue I see a small tear in that tissue. It does not go through the entire wall, just the inside. The tear appears about 9 months old. It appears to have started during a strenuous exercise program, like a triathlon, marathon, or hot yoga type exercise. The bladder got stretched when it was full.

As I move through the tear I see reddened tissue (next layer of bladder tissue). This reddened tissue is normally not exposed to urine which is often acidic in nature. (On average a Ph of 6). This is irritating the area. The reddened tissue has an open area like a “sore” or “ulcer”.
I went inside the “sore”. I hear “ouch” from the reddened tissue. Reddened tissue says: “trying to heal but can’t”.

As the bladder tissue expands with urine, as it should, it pulls ever so slightly, and irritates the original tear.”
The End

Follow up email from client:

“Wanted to share an update: Today is the 2nd day so far I haven’t had pain in my bladder. Funny enough, after you shared your insights, I felt the right side of my bladder throbbing and hurting in one particular spot as you mentioned it was in the right side (when the pain was at its worst, it felt it was my entire bladder in pain so it was hard to tell where the pain was originating). Following your advice, I focused on it and prayed for help. You gave me enough of a lead to research into my bladder and I pulled images of the kind of cells that line the bladder and imagined a tear in my bladder was being sewn up and restored. I don’t know how long I did that for, but by morning the pain was gone (knock on wood!).
– J. L. Washington State”

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