My newly designed website!

Your Healing Insights

I’m excited. With the help of the incredibly talented Lara Marsh at ratherthanrunning, I’ve just overhauled my website, Wonderfully, we’re no longer constrained by geographic location and I wanted my website to reflect that. I would love to work with you—whether you live in Iowa—or somewhere else in the nation or world.

Nutrition Services

On my website, I’m particularly thrilled to share my expanded Nutrition Services. I offer three different nutrition evaluations, each one starting with having you complete an individualized online nutritional assessment. It asks detailed questions about symptoms you maybe experiencing. This questionnaire helps identify the imbalances in vitamins and minerals in your body. These imbalances contribute to symptoms of ill health. The information you share is then analyzed to create a personalized approach you may take to improve your health.

You can choose to have your results emailed to you with an explanation of how to read and interpret them. You can choose to talk with me about your results over the phone. Or you can choose to meet with me in my Coralville office for an in-depth evaluation and nutrition physical exam that is scheduled for two hours.

Medical Intuition Services

The mini or full medical intuition body scan identifies the root cause of your health problems. These sources can be physical, emotional, spiritual, past life, inner child or many others. These services have always been available on the phone, email or in person at my office. “Can the Body really Talk?” and an example Case Study offering an example of root cause.

The World is My Office

While I’ll continue to see clients in my Coralville office for nutrition and energy healing—and connect through my blog—I look forward to connecting with new clients near and far. I’ll meet you wherever you are on your path. Together we’ll work together to identify why you’re stuck, why you’re not feeling well, and why other modalities haven’t worked for you. I’ll help you to get to the root cause of what is keeping you from getting to your best self.

Let’s Work Together

I invite you to take some time with my website to learn more about how the services I offer can help you to feel better. I’m a board Certified Holistic Nurse who has been specializing in—and teaching—therapeutic nutrition, medical intuition and energy therapies, such as Reiki, since 1990. If you’re ready to feel better, let’s work together. Contact me at or call me at 319-631-0824.

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