Health is a natural human potential.

Nutritional Evaluation

Diet is the food we eat. Nutrition is what happens after we eat it.

A therapeutic nutritional evaluation from Terri is an individualized approach that will tell you your deficiencies and imbalances contributing to symptoms or problems in your body. From the results of your nutritional evaluation, your nutritional treatment plan is designed to help you feel better and improve your health. You will learn how to eat for your health, not your cravings or emotions.

“'…I felt backed up against a wall.' (Charmaine Banach) “But once she’d changed her perspective, she realized the variety still available to her in a gluten-free diet. She also found relief through consulting with Terri Wiebold…” Click here to read an excerpt from the article.
- Catalyst Magazine

"The individual’s metabolism, environment, genetics, emotional health, and life stressors must be considered in evaluating nutritional needs and nutritional goals.”
- Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice, 5th Edition

Terri has two options for nutritional evaluations:

In-Office Exam and Consultation

This is a 2 hour in office appointment. This time includes a review of your health history, complete in person nutrition examination, and printed copy and discussion of your nutrition questionnaire results. Terri will then discuss her recommendations for ways to improve your health.

This option can be paid for when you arrive for your appointment, or in advance.

To begin, schedule an appointment! You can call her at 319-631-0824 or use the button below to send an email.

Phone Consultation

Fill out the online form below. Terri will email you an online nutrition survey and health history form to fill out. Fill it out and schedule an appointment with Terri for a 30 minute phone conversation. Terri will review the results of the survey and discuss her recommendations for ways to improve your health. This option requires prepayment be made at the time of the appointment scheduling.

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